Cheers to us! Kampai, Queensland’s newest production house, has opened.

It’s time to raise a glass because the new name change is official. Kampai (かんぱい, pronounced karm-p-eye) means “empty the glass!” or more simply “cheers!” in Japanese. Today Roache Co. says goodbye, but our thirst to simplify and amplify the art of content production lives on with a fresh, fun new brand.

Why the change?

In short, it was time. With a refocussing of what we do, we wanted something that better matched our fun yet super classy approach to content production. At the end of the day it’s not a big deal – we’re still the same group of passionate content creators at the core of the operation that are devoted to challenging the status quo day in and day out, but now the brand better unifies our cause.

How did you arrive at the name Kampai?

It was pretty obvious, really. Our clients know us as passionate people who leverage innovative tools that make content worth celebrating. We also love a beer to celebrate to a job well done, to which we say, Kampai!

So what is Kampai?

We’re a film & photo production house based in Brisbane, Australia. And while we have start-up roots, our experience and knowledge-base is anything but. We have decades of experience in film & photo production, and our work’s been seen by millions online, in print, on billboards, during the news, in TVCs… you get the picture.

In short, we make content. Really, really good content. Content that outperforms top-tier agencies by 46%+. And the best bit? We don’t charge top-tier agency rates. So especially in a COVID-19 world where very dollar counts, you’ll get more for less. We call it simplify & amplify, but you’ll call it industry-leading bang for buck.

Who’s Kampai for?

For brands that want to go toe to toe with their biggest competitor and are looking for a way to get ahead without blowing their budget, we’re the answer. Content is the special sauce that makes the world’s most iconic brands tick, and with online commerce becoming prolific in 2020 due to the global pandemic, there’s never been a more crucial time to ensure every potential sale becomes a sale earned. With better content, your customers are more confident, more trusting and more likely to re-buy. Content is the conversion power-house you need to survive 2020 and beyond.

What’s the road ahead?

To continue to make more great content with great people. Nothing makes us more happier than turning our magic into gold that showcases Australia’s best brands to more people locally and abroad. So why wait? Get a no-obligation 100% free quote within 24 hours and say g’day – we love a yarn and any opportunity to say kampai with our clients!

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